Mar 1, 2017

A Champion Challenged breeds inspiration for your Step Cousin: The Gabby Douglas Story is Amazing! Bullied into Success

It is a pleasure to be able to write this blog about MY HERO.

Olympian Gabby Douglas.

One other cool fact is that my Step mom is Esther Hawkins. The sister to Natalie Hawkins who is Gabby's mom.  Not many can say Gabby is their step cousin.  Also not many can say they have experienced bullying on the same level as she has.  But yes I know first hand how the pressures of life can affect us being that I was born in Gary, In.  How we deal with it is ultimately the deciding factor in the success over the situation. Getting out of Gary helped

In 2016 Cosmo's Gina Mei did an article on Gabby.  Read on....

The Internet Is Fighting Back Against Gabby Douglas's Bullies With #Love4GabbyUSA

Just a reminder that this girl has THREE Olympic gold medals.

It's been a tough Olympics for U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas, in large part because she's been the subject of unrelenting criticism since before the games even began.
Speaking up about the bullying for the first time Sunday, Gabby told reporters, "When they talk about my hair, or me not putting my hand on my heart, or me being salty in the stands and, you know, really criticizing me ... It doesn't feel good. For me, it was a little bit hurtful."
Now, the internet has come together to fight back against Gabby's haters, starting the hashtag #Love4GabbyUSA to show their support. Below are just a few of the best tweets as a reminder of just how incredible this 20-year-old athlete and three-time Olympic gold medalist truly is.

Read the full article here.
Continued by Text2Sam.
This article highlighted the hashtag this gave us a way to track the good news surrounding the story.  I love my Step Cousin.  Maybe one day she will read this article and then I can meet her.  Or just call my Step Mom and set it up. lol  Either way she is one of my HEROES that I looked up to before I found success in the technology world.  Go Gabby Go.  You are an inspiration to your family and the world.

Thank you.

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